NEW PremierOne® Powder-Coated Cabinets provide durability and strength for all of your storage needs. Featuring one-inch thick adjustable shelving and off-the-floor mounting, PremierOne® Powder-Coated Cabinets offer state-of-the-art design and style and are currently available in Tech Red and Slate. The high-tech powder coated doors, in standard or sliding configurations, are moisture, chip, and stain resistant. These cabinets are crafted with the finest-quality, best-stability, and longest lasting-beauty in the industry. 

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PremierAccess | New Sliding Garage Cabinets Made With Convenience in mind

After months of design testing and manufacturing, we are proud to introduce PremierAccess™! Our unique ' by-pass' sliding door system is designed with one thing in mind, convenience. Built specifically for those with little to no room in between their car and the back wall, PremierAccess fits into spaces that don’t have adequate room for swinging doors, thus allowing you to properly store away all of your belongings without moving your vehicle. 

Available in Maple, Pewter, Bronze, and White, PremierAccess is durable and engineered to the PremierGarage quality standards you have come to expect. Our new sliding door system also features an upper and lower roller track mechanism which allows easy opening and convenience every time. For a quote or more information, please contact our design team.

Available in all finishes, feel free to mix and match PremierAccess sliding doors with our traditional cabinetry for the perfect arrangement designed exclusively to fit your needs. Because it's more than just a garage!