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The Ultimate Garage™

Garage flooring doesn't have to be expensive, nor does it have to be time consuming to install. This is why PremierGarage of Calgary has taken the lead in innovation and design of the best garage floor coating product on the market. Using the most advanced technology in the industry today, you now have more options with less wait time. And, you get a superior product to epoxy, poly-asparatics and other floor finishes such as tiles, rubber mats, and do-it-yourself products.

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Choose Hybrid Polymer Coating

With our Hybrid Polymer technology, we've created the most revolutionary garage floor product to hit the market in the last 25 years. No longer are you limited to do-it-yourself epoxy products or cheap epoxy coatings, with our PremierOne and PremierOne Plus floor coatings you get a solution that will be more durable, more slip resistance, easier to clean, and will keep the shine for years to come!

What about the weather?

Our flooring solution is immune to road salts and the harsh Alberta weather. Other companies wish they could make that guarantee! Our floor coatings are making homes across Southern Alberta the talk of the neighborhood. From Lethbridge to Calgary, we have turned ordinary garages into extraordinary work spaces. Take pride in showing off your classic car or feel free to open the garage to have a party! Start enjoying your garage!

How Do We Do It?

We know that having the best quality floor coating products is only half the battle. If the preparation of the concrete is not done exactly right any coating can fail. We only use PremierGarage employees we never sub-contract out our work. Our employees have the skills and training that come from being a part of the PremierGarage network of expertise, they also have independent training and certification from the SSPC, an international organization that trains and certifies members of the protective coatings industries from Oil Pipe lines to garage floors. Our installers and sales team have the certification to prove they know what they are looking for when assessing your concrete - from the first visit to completion - to ensure your garage floor coating looks great and stays down. No Lifting, No Peeling!