What is the flooring Made from?

The flooring is an industrial plastic that is comprised of a proprietary hybrid chemistry. It completely bonds both mechanically and chemically to your garage slab and will not fade, yellow or lose its shine over time. It can withstand the many chemicals that may fall from your car including oil, coolant, brake fluid and road salts.

How long does it take to install a floor?

A typical double car garage takes about a day and a half to install. We go through an extensive preparation process which includes grinding, shot blasting and concrete repair. You can return to using your garage floor 24 hours after our installation is complete at a 10 degree temperature.

Can I customize the cabinetry?

Yes! We have a wide selection of standard cabinetry including a number of sizes, colors and finishes already available to choose from. But, best of all PremierGarage of Calgary can customize any cabinet to fit your space and provide you with a unique design that suits your needs and style. Visit our garage cabinetry page for more information or contact our design team today!

What is your experience?

We have our own crews which have done hundreds of thousands of square feet of flooring and hundreds of feet of cabinet installations. We are also trained through our own proprietary training system as well as a third-party organization called the SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings).

about my sports equipment, tires, recycling, etc…?

We have a number of solutions to handle everything from bikes to golf clubs to scooters, spare tires, skateboards, balls, hockey sticks, seasonal items, recycling and much more. Take a look at a few of our garage organizers and storage systems today!

Is you product flammable?


Is your product suited to the climate?

Yes, our product is not effected by temperature change and will not fail due to extreme heat or cold.

 Is your product Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or Zero VOC?

Zero VOC. We only install products that are people / pet and planet friendly.

Is you product toxic in any way, during installation or afterwards?


How long does your product take to cure?

24 to 48 hrs dependent on ambient temperature. Be aware that products that cure in a couple of hours do not have sufficient time to penetrate and form a lasting bond to the concrete and can result in failure of the coating.

Where do you get your product from?

Our product is unique to us. There are plenty of similar looking products on the market, but only one PremierGarage Plus. It is manufactured in the USA at our facility and no one else is permitted to us it or install it. By doing this we ensure that our product stays the same across the board any future versions of the product always work with past versions. If you ever want to coat a new area or even want to change your floor colour, it can be done, all past systems will work with all future systems. 

What is PG Green?

You care about the environment, PremierGarage cares too. After all, shouldn't a clean garage and a clean environment go hand in hand?  Our industry-leading technologies and product innovations and exclusive supplier relationships bring quality eco-friendly products to you.

Our Floors
Our PremierOne® floor coating systems hybrid polymer flooring is less hazardous than traditional flooring sytems, which can emit toxic fumes. And, our chemicals are non-flammable and non-hazardous to people, pets and the Earth.  Only our extensive surface preparation can produce the resilience and longevity of a PremierGarage floor. 

Our Cabinets
Traditional efforts of controlling air pollution have typically focused on outdoor air.  However, we now know that indoor air pollution is of concern as well.  That’s why, when the California Air Resources Board (CARB) adopted a regulation to limit omissions of formaldehyde in composite wood products, PremierGarage was quick to comply with these rules—not just in California, but throughout North America.  Our cabinets now meet and exceed CARB Phase 1 regulations for formaldehyde emissions.  Our wood supply partner is also compliant in Phase 1 and has a plan and product in place for Phase 2, which sets aggressive limits for emissions of composite and hardwood panel products.  We partner closely with our suppliers and will continue to do so to ensure our products are compliant both today and in the future.

More Of Our Green Efforts
At PremierGarage, we are continually investigating new ways to save resources and energy as we advance the state of garage enhancement.  We are saving trees by putting our major product brochures online only.  And, we use soy ink in nearly all of the printed materials we produce.  Check back soon to learn about our new green efforts."